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Greener Inventory Planning & The Cloud

Posted on Tue, Oct 10,2017@08:13 AM

Everything we can do to improve critical business processes through automation, intelligent optimization, processing speed and rapid implementations makes a difference. You achieve measurable results quickly and continue to see benefits and improvements every day, month-after-month, and year-after-year.

Did you know that advanced inventory planning and optimization solutions can improve your green footprint? This is achieved by lowering costs, reducing expedited shipping and planning time, eliminating waste, reducing computer utilization, all produce a smaller, greener carbon footprint. 

Remove complexity and improve inventory investment

Advanced inventory planning and optimization solutions are powerful and smart. Built-in automation reduces the amount of time required for optimization, planning and forecasting.

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Companies can plan 10,000 items in a few minutes compared with several days for manual processes and more efficiently meet the demands of customers and suppliers at lower costs – leading to a powerful competitive advantage. This allows employees to more efficiently meet the demands of customers and suppliers at lower costs, which can lead to a powerful competitive advantage. 

Intuitive and easy to use

Employees learn faster and are smarter about good inventory planning practices from day one. The solution presents all the data needed for good planning right on the screen; fewer screens mean faster and more accurate decisions. No more hunting and drilling-down to find the data or printing reams of reports to manually review and audit. No more printing reams of reports to manually review and audit. 

Intelligent tools

The right amount of inventory is planned automatically and consistently. Based on management-by-exception principles and critical alerts, the planner only needs to review those items that are in jeopardy of stocking out. This process saves valuable time, money and resources and provides the optimal inventory at the lowest investment. This process saves valuable time, money and resources, and provides the optimal inventory at the lowest investment. 

The Cloud is Highly Efficient

download-2013195.pngWhen you consider all the benefits listed above and now add utilizing the Cloud to deploy an application, the benefits increase significantly. One of the benefits of cloud computing is increased efficiency; services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in a matter of minutes versus the weeks or months it traditionally takes. 

Adding agility to your business model provides, more efficient workloads and less operational issues allowing your team to focus on other more useful activities that provide greater value to your business.

Another take on better resource usage is based on the fact the principle of “economies of scale”; cloud service providers, in general, more efficiently utilize physical resources and reduce energy consumption in contract to a traditional IT approach. 

Here are some of the tangible results from being Greener in the Cloud:

Eliminating Waste with Better Planning

  • time wasted by doing manual planning
  • computer processing time and energy
  • excess inventory
  • capital spent on too much inventory
  • printing supplies and paper for reports
  • lost sales due to poor inventory mix 

Improving Efficiencies Immediately

  • optimal replenishments
  • stock transfers utilize existing inventory
  • automation removes complexities
  • alerts warn of impending stock-outs
  • planning time reduced dramatically
  • planning groups and scheduled planning
  • improve time utilization 

Lowering Tangible & Intangible Costs

  • inventory investment
  • warehouse space
  • energy costs due to faster efficient planning
  • expedited shipping costs from vendors
  • expedited shipping costs to customers
  • taxes on inventory

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