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Innovative Inventory Planning for NetSuite

Posted on Tue, Feb 06,2018@07:54 AM

grow more business with Valogix Inventory Planner.jpgAs your business grows and gains in complexityyou may need to explore how advanced inventory planning and optimization capabilities can take your business to the next level. Valogix, a global award-winning partner of NetSuite, has developed a specialized multi-stage planning engine that more effectively manages inventories and compliments NetSuite. 

VALOGIX® Cloud-Based Inventory Planner simultaneously plans for items needed both in the manufacturing (production) process and sold separately as finished goods.  This smooth-flow process is unique because it accurately plans the independent inventory based on its own parameters and demand. Most planning techniques for finished goods were borne out of the manufacturing process, which leave gaps in inventory coverage for distributors and retailers. With hundreds of NetSuite customers, Valogix has been a valued, global partner for over eight years. 

demand planning for overseas procurementsThe on-going and ever-changing challenge

Inventory management and planning is getting more difficult due to rapidly changing demand patterns, the ever-increasing numbers of SKU’s and higher transportation costs.Even more challenging is effectively planning items that are commonly used in production, kits (kitting & assembly), and distribution & retail. 

One company who procures their products overseas, was facing increased competitive pressures and needed to receive more-timely inbound shipments. According to this company’s president, “We were using a mix of tools; the advanced planning in our NetSuite product, plus various Excel spreadsheets. Neither tool gave us the results we were looking for and we knew that we had tremendous redundancy. At the same time, we had a large investment tied up in dead and slow-moving stock.” 

The president further quoted, “Valogix provides the visibility into the data that enables us to make better purchasing decisions. Improved order accuracy and optimized purchase quantities just add to the value. The time that we save has already helped us achieve a full ROI. Valogix has been great to work with. They listen to our recommendations and requests, and act quickly to make the changes we need.” 

Valogix automates the entire inventory planning process:

  • Forecasting & Planning – every item at every location
  • Stock Level Setting – considers forecast, lead time, order frequency,
  • desired service level and variability in demand
  • Replenishment - Purchase Orders, Production Orders, Stock Transfers
  • Optimization – cost reduction & control - strategic planning analytics
  • Easy to use and highly effective
  • Avoids disruptions from costly stock-outs
  • Exception based – alerts warn of potential future issues
  • Planning Groups give unparalleled planning control & flexibility
  • Time-phase plans all items at all locations simultaneously
  • Items used in B.O.M.s and Kits as well as those sold independently
  • Back-schedules to cover longest lead time of components
  • Considers substitutes and supersedes
  • Synchronized planning for smooth-flow inventory availability

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