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How Inventory Planning Saves $2 Million in Less than Six Months

Posted on Wed, May 26,2010@10:43 AM

We regularly publish case studies about our customers' success with our product, VALOGIX Inventory Planner.  We espouse its benefits and know that every company that holds stock would perform more efficiently and productively if it used Valogix.  But every once in a while, we do a story that astounds even us!

Our customer, South African-based Inhep implemented Valogix and SAP Business One and within six months, they had saved $2 million in direct inventory costs.  Through better inventory visibility, streamlined purchasing and replenishment processes and pure inventory reductions, Inhep had saved enough money to pay for their entire software implementation costs, and then some!  Here's what John McCluskey, Director at Inhep had to say, "Even with reductions in inventory, our service levels have improved because we now have the items that our customers need, when they need them. Valogix has not only already paid for itself, but also the entire SAP Business One purchase. There are not many products out there that can give you that kind of ROI. And the savings will continue each and every year." 

Does your business need to cut costs and streamline productivity? If so, you should take a closer look at Valogix and see what we can do for your business today.  Download our free whitepaper: Release Cash Stuck in Your Inventory to hear tips from the experts on turning your existing assets into cash.  


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