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Cutting Edge Technology For Inventory Planners

Posted on Thu, Nov 04,2010@02:51 PM

Ever hear the phrase, "time is money?" Well, time is money and spending time counting widgets and updating them on your spreadsheet is costing you a pretty penny (or many, many pretty pennies).  And what's worse, it's not possible to update every single item on your spreadsheet (even more impossible if you have several locations), meaning your data is out of date and you most likely have dead AND excess stock - costing you even more.

Sure, spreadsheets are (relatively) easy to use and cheap. But up & downhave you ever noticed how spreadsheets breed more spreadsheets? Pretty soon, you have so many spreadsheets with various pieces of information, you need a dozen reports to find out if you have enough of widget A to fulfill an order that just came in. And, if you have a lot of unidentified dead stock or excess stock (like most companies), those free spreadsheet programs that came with your operating system don't look like such a bargain after all.

There is a solution to your spreadsheet woes - well, actually, many solutions. Of course, Valogix has many inventory planning and optimization solutions - this isn't necessarily a plug for Valogix, I just want to let you know that there is some really cool technology out there for you to consider. For the past two decades, we've been developing solutions to make inventory planning easier, more automated and more accurate.  Recently, we announced our latest technological breakthrough with seriously cool technology from IBM.  "Cooler than Autosum and Pivot Tables," you ask?  Way cooler.

Imagine using enterprise level software but only paying a small fee per month. No IT guys to deal with, no expensive hardware to purchase, not even a single upgrade that takes over your planning department for a half a day. Using cloud services (hosted by Savvis, Inc.), Valogix customers will get best of breed technology, accessible at any computer with a simple login; only an Internet connection is required.  Here are some other really cool features:

Architecture Benefits

  • Multi-platform (Linux, Unix, Windows) and multi-user

  • Browser UI - Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox

  • Enhanced security

  • Utilizes 64 bit and multi-core processors for improved performance

Delivery Options

  • As a VMWare ESXi or VMWare Server 2.0 virtual image

  • As a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual image

Benefits of Virtual Image Deployment

  • Eliminates the need to allocate a server and install web application servers, database, etc. The virtual image already has an OS, application servers, database, application software installed, configured and ready to run.

  • Maintenance and management of virtual image is easier. Virtual image snapshots can be used to mark and revert the virtual image to a known state.

  • Upgrades are simplified. A new virtual image is provided, you start it up, point it to the current virtual image and the rest is taken care of behind the scenes.

Still think your spreadsheets are the cat's pajamas? Take a closer look and see just how much work YOU are doing to make those spreadsheets work. When you're ready to start working smarter, download our free inventory value calculator to see just how much money your company could be saving.

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