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Do You Love Your Inventory Planning Sofware?

Posted on Thu, May 05,2011@01:46 PM

Every once in  while, we like to toot our own horn.  One of ourIJSS Logo newer customers, and a long time NetSuite customer, (, recently shared their  experience with implementing VALOGIX Inventory Planning V8 (our SaaS product).

"We are using the Valogix cloud-based application and it was a great decision. It allows me to do my planning anywhere, at any time and is a natural fit with our NetSuite applications," said Ilan Douek, President of

"Valogix has been great to work with. They listened to my recommendations and requests, and acted quickly to make the changes we needed."

In addition to their overall satisfaction with the product and support they have received, IJSS has noted several other benefits.

  • Valogix solutions are affordable and the return on investment (ROI) is quick - the time savings alone are expected to have a substantial impact on the bottom line.
  • Improved order accuracy and optimized purchase quantities.
  • In just two months, IJSS has significantly reduced the amount of time spent on planning its more than 6,000 SKUs across multiple warehouses and countries.
  • Better visibility into all data, which in turn enables better purchasing decisions.

"IJSS is the perfect example of how Valogix works," noted Tom Glacken, Senior VP Sales & Marketing. "They have a large inventory, in multiple locations and countries. By using Valogix in an SaaS model, they have been able to tailor their use of it to the way they work, not the other way around. Having this flexibility has allowed them to see substantial results in a very short time. Valogix gives them control of their transactions and helps them feel confident in the results Valogix generates."

Do you love your inventory planning software? If not, check out V8 and see for yourself how you can revolutionize your inventory planning and optimization processes. And while you're here, why not download our free e-book, The State of Inventory Planning?

Download our e-book:  The State of Inventory Planning

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