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User-Friendly and Secure Inventory Planning

Posted on Wed, Apr 13,2011@09:57 AM

If you're still using spreadsheets of yesteryear to plan your inventory, you are doing too much work. Constantly updating spreadsheets and trying to remember where you made changes leads to errors, resulting in stock outs and over-stocks – and costs you time and money.

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9 Reasons Wholesale Distributors Should Be In the Cloud

Posted on Thu, Feb 03,2011@01:54 PM

Many businesses are still skeptical of cloud solutions, mostly due to fear of security breaches or lost data. Besides ease of use, there are numerous benefits of the Software as a Service (SaaS) Supply Chain software delivery model. 
  1. Login with your own user name and password, any time, anywhere.
  2. Lower upfront capital: By going to an SaaS model, you avoid the up-front capital requirements and funding requests, and pay for the software as an on-going expense
  3. Faster implementation: There is generally less overall set-up time, and in some cases, companies can often leverage the hosted solution’s existing integrations with existing key ERP solutions.
  4. Faster “time-to-value”: Given a more rapid implementation, the time-to-value and positive cash flow returns are more rapid than a traditionally deployed, on-premise implementation.
  5. Strategic flexibility: In theory, it may be easier to “unplug” an on-demand solution and move to an on-premise implementation down the road if required.
  6. Reduce internal IT resource requirements: No installed application software or hardware to manage over time. 
  7. Overcome objections to best-of-breed software: Some companies are finding that they are able to overcome the objections or rules against implementing software that doesn’t come from the company’s ERP provider if they use an SaaS model.
  8. Fit for “on-demand” usage: Users can access the solutions when they need them - anytime and anywhere, 24/7.
  9. Stay current with technology: The software will be automatically upgraded with enhancements to functionality. This should serve to keep users on the current platform, and keep them from falling behind the state-of-the-art technology.

Want to know more about cloud computing? See our SaaS website page and contact us to schedule your personal consultation.

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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

Posted on Wed, Dec 08,2010@11:26 AM

On Tuesday, December 7th, Valogix participated in CiscoTV's presentation on the results of a new research study conducted by Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) which investigated the “public cloud” and the desire of enterprises to use external, on-demand infrastructure and applications. The study reveals that service providers have an opportunity to differentiate themselves and add new revenue-generating services by providing public cloud-computing services.

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Cisco Highlights Valogix in Upcoming Webinar

Posted on Mon, Dec 06,2010@10:20 AM

Join us Tuesday, December 7 at 11:00 am EST for the Cisco-hosted webinar to discuss the results of the recently released Cisco’s IBSG consulting group survey on cloud computing. The results of the survey are useful for both Service Provider and Enterprise organizations.

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Supply Chain Professionals Identify the Top 10 Supplier Qualities

Posted on Thu, Jul 22,2010@11:42 AM

Recently, Supply Chain Brain announced their list of reader-nominated, The 100 Great Supply Chain Partners.  Over a six month period, supply chain and logistics professionals were asked to nominate their providers who made a significant impact on their company’s overall operational and financial bottom line.  Below is the list of the qualities deemed most important in regards to the supplier relationships:

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