competitive-advantage-resized-600VALOGIX DMRP FOR MANUFACTURING

The Valogix Advantage

Product manufacturers and contract manufacturers have unique challenges and opportunities when planning either the finished goods or the materials used in the manufacturing or assembly process.

Keeping costs low and maintaining a competitive advantage often requires companies to do more than plan for the finished goods alone. The Valogix manufacturing inventory software is optimized inventory planning at your fingertips.

Features include:

  • Automated forecasting for each item and each location whether it is a finished good or a component
  • Automated recommendations for the creation of purchase orders, work orders and transfer orders to meet each item’s replenishment requirements
  • Ability to plan for Production, Assembly, and Kit Items
  • Ability to configure components of Production, Assembly or Kit Items to be sourced from different locations
  • Ability to recognize demand and plan for components without the use of work orders

Whether On-premise or in the Cloud -
Valogix brings you measurable value and additional revenues!