Until now business who both manufacture and distribute have had significant challenges with inventory planning.


VALOGIX® DMRP Inventory Planner simultaneously plans for items needed both in the manufacturing (production) process and sold separately as finished goods. This smooth-flow process is unique because it accurately plans the independent inventory based on its own parameters and demand. Most planning techniques for finished goods were borne out of the manufacturing process which leave gaps in inventory coverage for distributors and retailers.

Download our "DMRP Smooth Flow Optimized Inventory Planning" Whitepaper to learn how:

  • Our revolutionary approach to inventory planning combines MRP and DRP in a single planning solution.

  • Get your inventory to pay you back extra dividends

The Valogix Inventory Planner solution is easy to install and extremely affordable.  Download our DMRP "Smooth Flow" whitepaper and find out how you can start saving. 

The enhanced MRP planning is very important to us. Valogix Planner gives us automatic forecasting based on order history and seasonal fluctuations - which is a big aspect of our business. This prevents over and under stocking for each warehouse, and increases sales and customer satisfaction."
-Beate Caso, President, Bruder Toys America

On-premise or in the cloud - Valogix can help!