VALOGIX DMRP Smooth Flow Optimized Inventory Planning

 The Valogix Advantage

fill-your-orders-resized-600Valogix gives you instant visibility to all warehouses, field stock, remote stocking locations, and even virtual locations. Optimization provides exceptional value by reducing inventory, controlling new purchases and improving customer service.

For all Wholesale Distribution: Aviation, Audio, Automotive, Building Materials, Consumer products, Construction, Electrical, Food & Beverage, Furniture, Home Automation, HVAC, Industrial, Lawn & Garden, Medical & Dental, & much more.

Easy to use and highly effective

  • Avoids disruptions from costly stockouts
  • Exception based – alerts warn of potential future issues
  • Planning Groups give unparalleled planning control & flexibility

Effectively time-phase plans all items at all locations simultaneously

  • Items used in B.O.M.s and Kits as well as those sold independently
  • Back-schedules to cover longest lead time of components
  • Considers substitutes and supersedes
  • Synchronized planning for smooth-flow inventory availability

 Whether On-premise or in the Cloud -
Valogix brings you measurable value and additional revenues!