Take a sharp look at the Valogix Inventory Planner

Valogix customers are getting the most return out of their inventory with Optimized Inventory forecasting and Demand Forecasting

Now more than ever it is imperative that you free up cash to gain a competitive edge in order to maximize your return on investment in your demand planning and inventory forecasting.

Today's Realities Create Today's Challenges
  • Distributors must meet customer expectations in a "zero tolerance" world

  • Businesses need to manage the bottom line to increase positive cash flow

  • Soft economies create wide swings in customer buying patterns

  • Having the wrong inventory creates backorders, higher
    expedited shipping costs, stockouts and unhappy customers

  • Companies cannot afford to stockpile inventory "just in case"

  • Competition is very tough as companies use technology to strengthen their position

  • Out of control spending decreases your ability to respond to the market changes

Our whitepaper, written by leading industry experts delves deep into the issues facing wholesalers today and shows you how to use technology and your existing assets to create cash.
"Our customers expect to receive the parts they need, when they need them. We have to earn their loyalty by providing them with outstanding service, every time. Using VALOGIX Inventory Planner allows us to re-duce our overall capital expenditures and at the same time, delivers the level of service our customers expect."

Antonio Castill, CFO,
Herramientas Poderosas

 Whether on-premise or in the cloud - Valogix can help!