VALOGIX Inventory Planner - V7 Edition

The Valogix Advantage


Valogix delivers ready to use inventory management systems solutions that install quickly, are very easy to use, and provide you with a high rate of return. If you answer yes to any part of the following questions, Valogix can help.

What are your inventory goals and objectives?   Do you want to:

  • Reduce inventory by 20% or more?
  • Reduce expediting and emergency inbound and outbound shipments by 35% or more?
  • Improve productivity by reducing planning time by 60% or more?
  • Control and reduce replenishment spending by 15% or more?
  • Improve customer satisfaction by having the right items available when your customers want them?
  • Generate more sales and do cross-selling and up-selling?


Whether On-premise or in the Cloud -
Valogix brings you measurable value and additional revenues!