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Banks – The Financial Supply Chain for Your Inventory Supply Chain

Posted on Tue, Apr 04,2023@10:45 AM

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a rude awakening of the potential fragility of the banking system. Banks are a critical supply chain that both individuals and companies rely on heavily. This failure was followed by Signature bank which failed, several others did as well. Then there are serious problems which arose at First Republic Bank and Credit Suisse.

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Supply Chain in the Cloud Recap

Posted on Mon, Dec 05,2022@11:48 AM

Customers will always demand more of suppliers to provide affordable products at the exact moment they want them. How can you effectively insure you have what your customers need when they need it? Supply Chain Management (SCM) is front and center of every business across the globe.

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Inventory Management Stages of Planning Maturity and Growth

Posted on Thu, Sep 01,2022@11:00 AM

The challenge facing people and companies is they must work steadily at improving their inventory management. In order to improve, you need to know where you are today. First, is to determine what they have accomplished and how competent they are in their planning. Their level of experience and results must be measured to accurately and efficiently move forward.

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