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5 Types Of Inventory Costs [Explained with Examples]

Posted on Fri, Jun 21,2024@08:19 AM

Discover the different types of inventory costs and how they impact your business.

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Why You Need a Dedicated Inventory Optimization and Forecasting Software

Posted on Thu, May 09,2024@12:15 PM

Discover the benefits of using a dedicated inventory optimization and forecasting software to streamline your business operations, minimize stockouts, and maximize profits.

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Improve Cash Flow with Better Inventory Planning

Posted on Tue, Mar 19,2024@10:00 AM

Discover how to boost your business's cash flow by implementing effective inventory planning strategies.

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Improve Your Bottom Line with Better Inventory Management

Posted on Mon, Feb 26,2024@09:30 AM

Discover how effective inventory management can significantly impact your business's profitability.

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Inventory Optimization – It’s The Science That Counts

Posted on Tue, Feb 08,2022@10:46 AM

                                               Feb 2022 Blog

When it comes to inventory forecasting and planning,COVID-19 is presenting a serious challenge. Cases range from plummeting sales to unprecedented peak sales and to longer lead times, to unavailable stock.

Further, the general consensus at the moment, is that the immediate impact as described above will be followed by either an upturn or return to more normalized levels and a gradual return to available stock. Then, there is the unknown question of if the virus will return in the fall/winter and what kind of impact will be felt then. If it becomes an endemic virus, meaning its here to stay like the flu, what then?

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Posted on Tue, Nov 02,2021@09:00 AM

Signs of a slowly improving global economy are starting to become apparent but far from robust. Consumers have a pent-up need to spend the cash they have amassed. But, production in the Far East is trying to catch up to this demand. Then, there is the massive shipping backlog and serious shortage of truck drivers. Experts suggest these adverse conditions could last well into late next year and possible the following year as well.

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Inventory Planning Productivity a Critical Goal to Survive

Posted on Tue, Sep 07,2021@09:41 AM

Unique and unforeseen events are forcing every business manager to better analyze and utilize their resources. This includes capital, staff, facilities, vendors and more. Especially difficult as we emerge from the COVID lockdown is personnel. If you can’t add staff or find qualified people to fill open positions, you need to increase your existing productivity to compensate. And you need to do it fast. Want to do more inventory planning with the resources you have? Or maybe you need to move a person to another critical department but that would mean not being able to plan your entire inventory.

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