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Improve Your Bottom Line with Better Inventory Management

Posted on Mon, Feb 26,2024@09:30 AM

Discover how effective inventory management can significantly impact your business's profitability.

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How Bad Inventory Management Results In Lost Customers

Posted on Mon, Jan 15,2024@10:38 AM

Learn how poor inventory management can lead to dissatisfied customers and lost sales.

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Dynamic Inventory Planning in the Cloud

Posted on Wed, Dec 13,2023@10:20 PM

New inventory planning technologies and the Cloud can provide just the right environment for better local and global planning.

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What is Optimization Theory and Why It Matters

Posted on Tue, Nov 14,2023@08:11 AM

Inventory Planning Technologies and How Optimization Theory Remains a Key Element.

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Inventory Challenges Increase with Global Supply Chains

Posted on Tue, Oct 10,2023@09:23 AM

New Inventory Planning Technologies and the Cloud can Provide just the Right Environment for Better Global Planning.

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Inventory Demand Forecasting Overview - Part 1

Posted on Mon, Jul 11,2022@09:52 AM

forecastForecasting customer demand is an important and necessary part of the chain of calculations needed to optimize inventory stocking levels. There are a wide variety of techniques that can be used, making forecasting a confusing and sometimes difficult process. If your goal is to not only forecast demand but also stock inventory at optimal levels, then forecasting must be combined with inventory planning and replenishment optimization algorithms to reach the goals of higher service levels with less inventory.

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Incorporating a Value-Driven Inventory Planning Solution

Posted on Tue, Jun 07,2022@09:45 AM

There are some distinctions of business purchases, strategic and non-strategic. Strategic purchases are those that have a direct effect on the business and the bottom line. Non-strategic are those for everyday items like office supplies, travel, commodity items, etc. In the case of manufacturing companies, strategic purchases can be raw materials, production equipment, energy, skilled labor, computers, and business operating software.

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Optimized Multi-Echelon Inventory Planning

Posted on Wed, Apr 06,2022@10:17 AM

ERP on-board inventory management software offers some inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing capabilities. However, they are not deep in functionality and do not provide true inventory optimization algorithms. Some do have available multiple location capabilities but again depth and breadth of functionality is limited. Lots of manual work is required to make these systems work as needed.

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