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Inventory Forecasting – The Beginning or End of Planning?

Posted on Wed, Sep 06,2023@11:01 AM


In today’s dynamic business climate, companies are looking for simple ways to reduce waste and improve profitability. Going through many business cycles or phases faster than ever, new technology initiatives must be affordable, easy to implement, and have a high, measurable rate of return.

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Support Your Customer Service Goals with an Inventory Strategy

Posted on Wed, Jul 05,2023@11:00 AM

Your company’s mission is to be the best supplier of your products on the market today. Most companies define what that means in terms of serving the customer. Ecommerce has dramatically changed the way companies must serve their customer. For example, your customers can send you an order over the Internet or by calling and they will get a return confirmation promptly. You will ship all orders within 24 hours. You will offer a variety of products that is both broad and deep.

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