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Inventory Planning and Optimization for 2012 – The Clear Advantage

Posted on Tue, Jan 10,2012@11:44 AM

Happy New Year!  2012 brings the promise of improving global economies. Balancing short term resilience with longer term needs is what is needed now.  Reducing costs, buying less, increasing productivity, improving cash flow is important, and to keep these inventory objectives balanced and in perspective you need an efficient way to optimize these important business demands.   Improve your competitive advantages responsibly and efficiently with inventory planning optimization solutions.  Waiting until its too late in your ordering cycles will invite your customers to investigate other opportunities, and that can happen by making the reduction of the wrong item at the wrong time.
If your company tends to reduce items with the highest investment because it creates a larger reduction faster, what it actually does is creates potential stock outs, higher backorders and increased expedited shipping – and, even more importantly, customer dis-satisfaction.  We all know that when customers are unhappy they become former customers.  Randomly cutting inventory has been proven time and time again to be the wrong strategy as does overstocking your inventory.

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The State of Inventory Planning

Posted on Wed, Aug 11,2010@12:05 PM


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Are Your Inventory Planning Processes Cutting the Fat?

Posted on Wed, Jun 09,2010@09:56 AM

In this Sunday's Schenectady Gazette, Dean Poeth wrote in his Op Ed piece entitled, It's Not Easy Going Lean: Manufacturers must cut waste and inefficiency to survice financial debacle, "For a small manufacturer, [lean manufacturing] is not an option, it is a business imperative."  He likens the small manufacturer's fight to stay afloat to Rocky's championship fight strategy - simply stay on your feet and go the distance. 

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