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Cloudiax – A New and Interesting Way to Manage Cloud Planning

Posted on Tue, Mar 01,2016@10:00 AM

Cloudiax is a new affordable, secure and fast cloud platform, optimized for SAP Business One on HANA and SQL. It simplifies a business with an easy-to-use, fast and cost effective solution. Cloudiax helps a business handle growth more easily.

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Greener Inventory Planning & Optimization

Posted on Mon, Apr 29,2013@10:00 AM

Greener Inventory Planning & Optimization

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Inventory Planning - Easier Than You Think

Posted on Mon, Nov 28,2011@12:23 PM

Did you know that certain inventory planning solutions are easier to use than ever? Until recently Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMB) did not have affordable, easy to use software tools to help them effectively manage and balance their inventory investment. Software solutions that forecast, plan and optimize an inventory are found in widespread acceptance in large enterprise companies but these solutions can cost between hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, take months to implement and are generally not affordable or usable by SMBs.

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Results of Using Inventory Planning and Optimization Solutions

Posted on Wed, Sep 08,2010@11:33 AM

In our final installment of our series on The State of Inventory Planning, we explore the results of inventory planning and optimization solutions.  Companies that implement these  solutions often find the results surprising.  Many thought their old Excel spreadsheets were doing a fine job, only to discover a whole new world of information at their fingertips, allowing them to make informed decisions that really do affect the bottom line! 

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