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How Wholesalers Provide Value with Accurate Inventory Planning

Posted on Tue, Apr 27,2010@10:50 AM

What's getting in the way of providing customer value in wholesale distribution? Most often, it's the inability to balance stock levels with service levels. Hold onto too much inventory, and you end up paying for items that collect dust in the warehouse. Stock too little inventory and you won't be able to keep up with customer requests. Sometimes wholesale distributors end up with both problems: holding excess stock of items customers don't need.

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Partners Close Business Faster with Inventory Planning from Valogix

Posted on Thu, Apr 22,2010@10:58 AM

Orchestra Team LLC, a business technology provider for small and midsize companies (SMBs) in Oregon, Washington, and California has been an SAP reseller since 2008. In that brief time, they've finely tuned their sales process to include VALOGIX whenever a prospect is in distribution or carries any type of inventory and requires inventory planning. "VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is an integral component of our quote because it's so simple to use, carries such a high return on investment, and really helps give the prospect the vision of how the components will work together," comments John-Michael Davis, Director of Support at Orchestra Team. "VALOGIX helps us win the sale time and time again. When we don't include it in the initial quote, it's a great way to earn additional revenue as an installed base sale."

Most recently, they implemented VALOGIX to an existing customer who has been live on SAP for about a year. "Our customer, an importer of starch-based, biodegradable utensils, cups and other picnic wares, was at a point where they needed to add head count in order to keep up with their forecasting and replenishment processes. The manager travels extensively and was finding it a challenge to make good decisions because of lack of access to information," Davis adds. "She needed a system that gave her up to date information and was simple to understand. She needed a decision-making tool that provided her with information she knew she could trust."

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