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Supply Chains Quake as Stock Market Jitters Continue

Posted on Tue, Jan 08,2019@08:52 AM

2018 ended on a lot of stock market jitters over the trade war with China. The markets lost most, if not all, their gains and then some. The outlook for global economies and growth opportunities have also cooled. Brexit, the UK exit from the EU, is disrupting supply chains. Inventories are building and planning for them has become more erratic.

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Three Customer Experience Myths, According to Gartner Cloud Analysts

Posted on Tue, Dec 04,2018@08:43 AM

Gartner for the CloudThe performance gap between customer experience leaders and runners-up is widening, with those on top being disproportionately rewarded. Gartner Inc. said organizations must ignore three myths in order to achieve a superior customer experience.

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Achieving a Well-Balanced Inventory – The Metrics

Posted on Tue, Nov 06,2018@11:08 AM

Achieving a well balanced inventoryAchieving a well-balanced, efficient inventory is no small task as supply chain complexity is ever increasing. How do you get there and how do you know when you have arrived? Understanding and using some basic financial and accounting methods along with an advanced inventory optimization solution will help get you there and keep you there.

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Valogix customers tell their inventory planning success stories Part 2

Posted on Tue, Oct 09,2018@01:18 PM

Herramientas Poderosas (HP)

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Customers tell their inventory planing success story Part 1

Posted on Mon, Sep 10,2018@05:50 AM

UK Laboratory Equipment Distributor

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SAP Business One –  for the Small and Medium Business Market

Posted on Tue, Aug 07,2018@07:55 AM

The fall of SAP Anywhere, an e-commerce front end that arrived in the U.S. in 2016 with some fanfare, may have raised questions about SAP's commitment to SMBs. However, with SAP boasting 60,000 Business One customers and with no plans to sunset Business ByDesign, the end of SAP Anywhere may help clarify the SAP SMB message.

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Gains in Inventory Planning Productivity

Posted on Tue, Jul 10,2018@08:30 AM

Optimized Inventory Planning with ValogixToday, it is of upmost importance that every business manager makes the most of what resources they have in place. If you can’t add headcount, you need to increase your productivity to compensate. And you need to do it fast. Want to do more inventory planning with the resources you have? Or maybe you need to move a person to another critical department but that would mean not being able to plan your entire inventory. 

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Change for Better Inventory Planning

Posted on Tue, Jun 12,2018@08:22 AM

Companies approach their inventory planning in many different ways - from seat of the pants guessing, to team collaboration, to spreadsheets that may invoke more team collaboration and manual changes, to forecasting software and some to advanced planning solutions.

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Valogix Inventory Planner Founders Celebrating 30 Years

Posted on Fri, Apr 20,2018@09:54 AM

The First Company - Stratman Inc. 1988 - 1998

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Advanced Inventory Planning for SAP Business One

Posted on Tue, Mar 13,2018@07:05 AM

Valogix is an SAP Gold PartnerSAP Business One provides capabilities for planning mostly in a manufacturing environment. Many retailers and wholesale distributors also use the on-board MRP functionality. Discover an affordable, seamlessly integrated inventory optimization solution to SAP Business One from Valogix. Inventory planning solutions that forecast, plan and optimize an inventory are found in widespread acceptance in large enterprise companies but these solutions can cost between hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, take months to implement and are generally not affordable or usable by SMBs. 

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Innovative Inventory Planning for NetSuite

Posted on Tue, Feb 06,2018@07:54 AM

grow more business with Valogix Inventory Planner.jpgAs your business grows and gains in complexityyou may need to explore how advanced inventory planning and optimization capabilities can take your business to the next level. Valogix, a global award-winning partner of NetSuite, has developed a specialized multi-stage planning engine that more effectively manages inventories and compliments NetSuite. 

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A New Year to Advance Your Inventory Planning Performance

Posted on Tue, Jan 09,2018@08:02 AM

Global growth for inventory planningThe year 2018 brings a continuing outlook of solid global economies and growth opportunities. Balancing near term resilience with longer-term objectives is still an on-going process.  Improving your competitive advantage responsibly and efficiently without incurring major costs should be at the top of your list.  Reducing costs, buying less, increasing productivity, improving cash flow are critical components of a sound inventory strategy. Keeping these inventory objectives balanced and in perspective, requires an effective way to rationalize and prioritize important business demands.   

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Purchasing Value Driven Inventory Planning Solutions

Posted on Tue, Nov 07,2017@08:24 AM

When it comes to purchasing items for a business, how do you properly gauge the value of what you are buying?

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Greener Inventory Planning & The Cloud

Posted on Tue, Oct 10,2017@08:13 AM

Everything we can do to improve critical business processes through automation, intelligent optimization, processing speed and rapid implementations makes a difference. You achieve measurable results quickly and continue to see benefits and improvements every day, month-after-month, and year-after-year.

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Advanced Inventory Planning Using SaaS Deployment

Posted on Tue, Oct 03,2017@08:12 AM

Cloud applications for business usually are offered in a subscription model called Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. Going to a SaaS deployment spreads the cost of acquiring and implementing a new solution and adds to the benefits. 

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