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Customers Tell Their Inventory Planning Success Story – Part 4

Posted on Tue, Jun 06,2017@08:53 PM

  • HPODEROSAS.jpgCompany: Herramientas Poderosas (HP)
  • Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Industry: Construction and Power Tools
  • Products: Building Materials and Power Tools
  • Items in inventory: 5,200+

Accelerated Growth Changes Business Focus

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Customers tell their Inventory Planning Success Story - Part 3

Posted on Tue, May 02,2017@09:13 PM

Complex Environment Ripe for Technology  

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NetSuite Advanced Inventory Planning with VALOGIX Inventory Planner

Posted on Tue, Apr 04,2017@08:32 AM

NetSuite Advanced Inventory Planning with VALOGIX Inventory Planner            

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Advanced Inventory Planning the Easy Way for SAP Business One

Posted on Tue, Mar 07,2017@08:53 AM

Advanced Inventory Planning the Easy Way for SAP Business One

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Advancing Technologies Benefit Inventory Planning

Posted on Tue, Feb 07,2017@09:00 AM

Advancing technologies benefit inventory planningAdvancements in just about every industry and market vertical are happening at lightning speed. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, better known as STEM, is becoming engrained in the fabric of our lives. The term is typically used when addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. It also has implications for workforce development, national security concerns, immigration policy and productivity.

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American trade, inventory supply chains and the global economy.

Posted on Tue, Jan 03,2017@09:00 AM

A New Year and a New Administration                                                                 Blog – January 2017

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Inventory Planning Definitions

Posted on Tue, Dec 06,2016@09:20 AM

Inventory Planning Definitions                                                                              

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Common inventory replenishment approaches that can create pitfalls

Posted on Tue, Nov 01,2016@09:27 AM

inventory replenishment, restocking, forecasting solutions - Valogix!
Effective inventory replenishment planning
is a critical process for any company whether manufacturer, distributor or retailer. Planners and purchasing personnel rely heavily on their suppliers to have the items they need as they need them. But, suppliers have the same replenishment challenges and they also rely heavily on their suppliers and or manufacturing units.

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eCommerce Forcing Companies to Improve Inventory Supply Chain Planning

Posted on Tue, Oct 04,2016@09:27 AM

shopping-cart-728410_1280.pngA more complex global environment is creating significant inventory challenges for manufacturing inventory planning.

Manufacturing companies need to become more innovative and resourceful to compete in today’s global marketplace. Many manufacturers not only produce goods for other manufacturers, they are now selling their products directly to other manufacturers (B2B commerce) and even consumers (B2C commerce). The use of e-Commerce rising so dramatically has added more challenges for managing both production and finished goods inventories. 

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Is your Inventory Planning short on service, overstocked?

Posted on Tue, Sep 06,2016@10:50 AM

inventory planning, inventory optimizing, cloud, SaaS,It Happened one night.

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Smart Inventory Planning in the Cloud

Posted on Tue, Aug 02,2016@10:29 AM


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Inventory Forecasting Overview Part 2

Posted on Tue, Jul 05,2016@10:13 AM

better_planning-resized-600.jpgThe first forecasting blog covered an overview to inventory forecasting and the techniques available. This post continues to review the approaches to inventory forecasting.

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Inventory Forecasting Overview Part 1

Posted on Tue, Jun 07,2016@09:47 AM

inventory forecastingThis is Part 1 of a two-part series on inventory forecasting. This blog provides some basic information about viable inventory forecasting techniques. Forecasting is a key step in inventory planning but not the only one. There are other key variables and processes that come into play in good supply chain replenishment planning including inventory rationalization and optimization..

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Inventory planning is not about the price you pay

Posted on Tue, May 03,2016@09:30 AM

You inventory planning needs


As consumers, we are driven to challenge and negotiate the price of everything we buy. This can be a good thing as you can realize additional savings in many cases. When it comes to purchasing items for a business though, how do you properly gauge the value of the inventory you are buying?

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Inventory Planning Financial Analytics 2016

Posted on Tue, Apr 05,2016@09:30 AM

Happy New Year 2016! 

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